Finding your calling isn’t like taking a pill or the right assessment test to pin the tail on the donkey. There’s no recipe. This work, which can take place in your ordinary life, feels like meeting a shaman in the desert and employing the joy of your heart to blow your mind. It’s changing everything you think you know about reality, one belief at a time. Of course, in a fast-paced, gotta-have-it-now society, many of us demand templates and action plans. But unleashing your life’s work is not about doing. It’s about undoing all the beliefs that stand in your way. You already have an off-the-charts destiny for your life. You already have the hard-wiring to be the most exquisite version of yourself. But you have ideas that obscure your way. As a career coach, l use wild love to shred your assumptions. I help you try on new beliefs. I encourage intuition. I demand exploration. The rest is birth, destiny, and alchemy. And it always works. So I want to offer you these seven shifts of thinking, because you may just be blocking yourself from the greatest life you’ve ever known.