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3 out of 4 people who get into business FAIL and the failure rate has not changed in many years. Addressing conventional EXTERNAL reasons like lack of resources (capital, talent, technology, etc.) or attributes (like social skills, business school education, etc.) of business failure have not reduced the failure rate. 


We have found that the larger reasons are the ‘silent killers of success’ – INTERNAL attributes in each of us and among the leadership of the business possess. We can help you and your senior leaders identify the ‘silent killers of success’ you have and coach you to eliminate them – making you more successful in business and in life:

If you want to learn about GROUP coaching or PERSONALIZED-ONE-ON-ONE coaching please send an email to [email protected]​.



Immigrant professionals are some of the most successful people in the world – Albert Einstein, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Ford, Sergey Brin(Google), Ayn Rand, Elon Musk, Satya Nadella (Microsoft), George Soros, Rupert Murdoch, Ariana Huffington, Elie Wiesel and many others. Every one of us can achieve greater success by embracing elements of their mindset.

Join the pilot group to learn about the mindset of successful immigrant professionals and how you can embrace it and become more successful. The group coaching sessions are based on my upcoming book – THE IMMIGRANT MINDSET – with my co-author Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

Whether you are an immigrant, in-country migrant (person who moved from one part of the country to another) or a local, you too can pick up elements of the successful immigrant professional’s mindset and achieve greater success.

Whether you are an employee in a business, a business owner, an entrepreneur or a community leader, you too can pick up the mindset of the successful immigrant professional and achieve greater success – see differently, believe different, think differently achieve greater success.

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