WHICH Silent Killers Of Success Are holding you back?

The ‘experts’ and most people often predict a person’s success based on what that person possesses (personal and professional strengths) and predict failure based on what a person lacks (personal and professional weaknesses). Think about it. Is that how you view somebody’s potential for success (or failure)? 

When you ask individuals what he or she requires for success, or why he or she failed, the person typically points to something external and says, “If only I had,…” or “If only that person did not do…”- the blame is typically somebody or something external. Few people predict failure based on what a person possesses that could be hurting them or causing them to fail. Some of those could be, what I labeled as, the ‘silent killers of success’. It is those weaknesses that can ‘sink you’ in spite of all your strengths. ALL OF US have a few of these ‘silent killers’. The easiest way to become more successful is to eliminate or mitigate your ‘silent killers of success’. 

As you get older, your strengths increase at a slower rate, but… your weaknesses (that most of us ignore or fail to mitigate) become more prominent. So, what could derail you is stronger than your strengths could propel you.

Find out what your ‘silent killers of success’ are. It is the quickest path to greater success…