Paul Rulkens

Speaker, Author & Consultant

Paul Rulkens

Speaker, Author & Consultant


How Techies Can Achieve Greater Business Success

Practical insights techies can use NOW

Are you a techie seeking business success? Listen to this podcast and learn how you can leverage your inherent strengths as a techie to be among the 30% of people who succeed in business.


Listen to a conversation with Paul Rulkens, engineer and author of the upcoming book, ‘How Successful Engineers become Great Business Leaders,’ from the Netherlands.  A third of the country is below sea level and has fended off the mighty oceans for centuries while building a prosperous country. The country has one of the most sophisticated anti-flood systems in place anywhere in the world. In this podcast, we will get a sneak peek into the key ideas in his book.

A large number of business leaders are engineers. Yet, the failure rate among engineers is just as high as that of non-engineers. Whether you choose to be an engineer, engineering manager or become a business executive or entrepreneur, there are keys to success. How can more engineers become more successful in business while avoiding failure? We’ll find out from Paul.

  1. Many engineers seek to become business leaders and yet many fail. Why?
  2. As with any profession, engineers have inherent strengths and weaknesses that could help or hurt them in business roles. What are they?
  3. What are the three universal strengths of engineers?
  4. What are the three building blocks of achieving goals?
  5. What is the ‘Valley of Death’?
  6. How can ‘strategic quitting’ attain goals sooner?
  7. What is ‘landing without skill’ – a common problem among engineers?
  8. How does a tanker’s trim tab enable it to steer better and how can you find your trim tab?

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P.S. I realized a rather obvious thing. Most of us listen to podcasts like this but never act on it. You can only learn and get better results from the insights when you L.P.T. – listen, practice deliberately and tell/teach others, whether they are colleagues, friends or family. I hope you L.P.T., whatever you glean from this podcast.

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