The world is full of intelligent and smart people, BUT a large number of them are not as successful as they could be. Their intelligence certainly helps them, but… their impediments (weaknesses) hurt them MORE.

Some smart people use their smartness to enable their greater success while others use it in disabling ways.

These are impediments to their greater success – elements in their mindset (beliefs, values, rules, principles, etc.) that are based on their upbringing, experiences, self-view, view of others, self-talk, world-view… I was one of these people. So, I set out to find out what was preventing my greater success. After much research, numerous interviews, the engagements of professional psychologists, I’ve identified 15 major impediments (all the others seem to full under these 15 psychological factors).

Take this assessment which has 50+ questions, answer them honestly and provide the first response that comes to mind (don’t overthink it – it’s not your term paper!).

Remember, this is a snapshot of your CURRENT MINDSET. In other words, if you identify the impediments to your greater success, you could work on CHANGING, eliminating or mitigating them and then re-take this assessment. Over time, with fewer impediments and more enablers, you will become more and more successful – you will become smart AND successful.

P.S. Please answer all the questions TRUTHFULLY. Consider this assessment as a conversation with yourself, that indicates your current state of mind right now. The results, interpretations and guidance you receive are based on your responses. If you claim to be 7 feet tall, the guidance will be for a person who is 7 feet tall… useless to you!