We humans have two primary motivations – a desire for things that could give us pleasure, and a repulsion to things that could cause pain and suffering. I do not want to bias your response to this assessment. Taking this assessment will provide insights into your personal views about money.

Your views about money – positive or negative – drive your behaviors and affect our ability to succeed (or determine the level of success) in making money. Here is a short 2-minute quiz that will give you a quick idea about your attitudes about money.

Answer the questions honestly, and provide the first response that comes to mind (don’t overthink it – it’s not your term paper, PhD dissertation or Master’s thesis!). 

Remember, this is a snapshot of your CURRENT MINDSET. In other words, if you identify the impediments to your greater success, you could work on eliminating or mitigating them and then re-take this assessment. Over time, with fewer impediments, you will become more and more successful – you could make a lot of money consistently for the rest of your life. 

P.S. Please answer all the questions TRUTHFULLY. Consider this assessment as a conversation with yourself, that indicates your current state of mind right now. The results, interpretations and guidance you receive are based on your responses. If you claim to be 7 feet tall, the guidance will be for a person who is 7 feet tall… useless to you!