on 19 May 2017 10:48 AM
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Author: Ram V. Iyer

This is a bulleted article written for engineers and scientists, not for the prosaic at heart.  While 25% of the most successful companies have engineers and scientists at the helm and most stories from Silicon Valley tout the accomplishments of engineers-turned-entrepreneurs, more of them fail in business than succeed.  Here’s a take on the strengths and weaknesses of engineers and scientists when it comes to business.  Unlike engineering, business is very contextual and calls for a lot of judgment – strengths can be beneficial (or not) and weaknesses can be detrimental (or not).  Please chime in with your perspectives in the comments.




You can become one of the successful ones if you leverage your strengths and tamp down the weaknesses.  Read on at the Business Thinking website http://businessthinking.com/join/engineers-scientists.


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