Human beings generalize.  It is our brain’s way of making life easier for us.  The reptilian brain and the emotional brain ‘remember’ past experiences and many things we have heard over our lifetime.  For example, you may have heard, “All tall people are successful” or “People in hoodies are dangerous”.  If you only use those generalizations without thought in the current situation, you are like an animal, or worse, a reptile that purely goes on ‘instincts’ and unable to think (apply rational thought).  There is a reason humans are the most evolved species on this planet.  We have a left brain.  While generalizations are useful, we owe it to ourselves (not necessarily anybody else) to ask one additional question when we run into a generalization situation or person, “Is that true for this……person, situation?”  So, if you run into a person wearing a hood, you need to ask yourself, “Is this person dangerous?”  How can you become a better leader applying ‘mind over instincts’ and ‘mind over emotions’?  Learn about the business success factors at