Business Failure draws the attention of those around you to the fact that you failed and your trauma of failure. Many will shun you and few will offer to help you recover emotionally (or monetarily).  You are focused on your trauma as well - dealing with healing and recovering (financially and emotionally).  Your focus on the trauma also prevents you from figuring out why it happened – really –what you did wrong and how you could have made different decisions.  Most people point to external factors – it is always somebody else’s fault.  That is why most people lash out at others and take a long time (usually years) to recover from such setbacks.  A person with an outside perspective may be able to get to the bottom of it quickly.  While the reasons could be external factors, the first place you should look is within you, factors I term ‘business reluctance’.  Take this short 3-minute quiz and find out if you have business reluctance -