Conquer Business Reluctance – New York City – 2

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Conquer Business Reluctance to Achieve Greater Success


New York City

June 25-27, 2017


  1. Have you hit a wall in your business – failing or failing to grow past a certain point?
  2. Do you have prestigious degrees or an MBA but failing to taste the business success you believe is imminent?
  3. Are you from a non-business family or background and having difficulty developing a ‘business mindset’?

About 80% of all companies started in America fail within 5 years.  The biggest reasons (unknown to most business owners and CEOs) are different forms of business reluctance they personally have.  And, the few that know that they had some form of business reluctance, do not know where to go for help.  After a while, they become like frogs in hot water – complacent in a danger zone limited success or failure.  Unless you overcome business reluctance, you will not achieve business success. 

How would you like to work two days with experts on overcoming you two biggest business reluctance factors?  How would you like to spend a couple of days at a confidential retreat where you can work and overcome your business reluctance so you can get back to the business of achieving business success. 

I’m an MIT graduate with a graduate business degree running the Business Thinking Institute in Princeton.  Along with our expert partners, each a specialist in an area of business reluctance, we will teach you the strategies and tactics to conquer business reluctance.

Who is this for?

Whether you are a business owner, executive at a company, entrepreneur or employee in a business, who has hit a wall – you feel that your business success stunted or that you are failing.  If you have prestigious degrees or MBAs but failing to achieve business success (when you think it ought to come naturally),  this retreat could put you back on the path to achieving the success you desire.  

The R E T R E A T ….

Before the Retreat:

  1. You will take a quiz on business reluctance that covers all 8 areas of business reluctance.
  2. You will have a telephone interview with one of our lead coaches to determine which two areas are most problematic for you.
  3. You will take detailed quizzes on those two areas of business reluctance.
  4. These will be completed at least one week before you come to the event.
  1. You will be sent additional reading material on your chosen topics to be read prior to coming to the retreat.


Day 1 – Networking Dinner.  Let’s meet and get to know each other.  We will have a surprise speaker at our dinner event.

Day 2 – We are all business.  Get an early breakfast (0700-0745).  We get started at 0800.  Your smartphone and not-so-smart phones must be checked in before you enter the room.  If you want us to deliver results, you need to make the commitment.

You will get an overview of each kind of business reluctance. 

You will focus on the two areas that are the biggest impediments to your business success.  You will join a small subgroup focused only on overcoming that one type of business reluctance for the rest of the day.

You did not come here to enjoy; you came here to be productive.  You may work late tonight over soup and sandwiches, but you are ready right?

Day 3 – You will pick up on the second biggest business reluctance you face.  You will work in a new subgroup of people with the same issue and focus on overcoming that one type of business reluctance through mid-afternoon.

Mid-afternoon, we come back with the whole group and review the different challenges and methods each person uses to overcome the business reluctance they faced.  We will give you a set of tools you can use to build your momentum overcoming your business reluctance.  You can catch a plane after 6pm to get back home. 

P.S. If you want to spend Tuesday night in New York and take in a Broadway show, dinner or attend a New York Yankees game, we would be happy to arrange for tickets with sufficient advanced notice.  The cost will be dependent on the event and the amount of notice.

You will start your Wednesday back at your office full of vigor having conquered the two biggest humps impeding your business reluctance.  You will get regular emails over the next month to encourage and accelerate your business success.  We will check in with you at the end of the month to make sure you achieve your outcomes – overcoming the two biggest impediments to business success.

The most expensive mistake you can make is not seeking help you know you need (to ‘keep up appearances’ or not let others find out that you ‘need help’ or ‘don’t know everything’).  And, the biggest mistake most people make (and I made this for years) is to attempt ‘do it yourself’ or postpone it.  The opportunity cost to you for each year is substantial. Are you making one (or more) of those expensive mistakes?


What is the investment for this retreat?


What is included in the price?

  • All retreat materials – a customized binder of materials for you.
  • Dinner on Sunday and Monday nights
  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks and water on Monday and Tuesday

Where do I stay in New York City?

We will give you a list of neighboring hotels so you can choose a place that suits your budget.

What about free time in New York City?

Well, you can come and spend the weekend in the city if you’d like or stay Tuesday night.  Other than that, once you overcome your two most nagging business reluctance impediments behind you, you can stay over or come back to New York any time you choose.  

Where do I fly into?

You have a choice of two New York City airports, La Guardia and JFK.  Both of them are in the city.  You can take a taxicab or public transportation to the hotel.  You can also fly into Newark Liberty Airport in Newark, New Jersey and take the NJ Transit train or a taxicab into the city.

Can I take Amtrak into New York?

Sure you can.   You will arrive in Penn Station and then take a cab to the retreat.

I have special dietary needs.  Can you accommodate those?

Sure, just let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. 

What is the weather like in New York in June?

We are right around the Summer Solstice.  It will be about the same weather as the rest of the country – hot and toasty.  However, remember that you will be indoors most of the time.  So, dress for 70 degree weather inside.

What else do I need to know about the retreat?

Well, come with your commitment to conquer your two biggest business reluctance impediments and be prepared to leave them behind in New York City. 

Over 80% of all people who enter business fail but few acknowledge it (or end up keeping it quiet) or keep thinking that failure only happens to the ‘other guy or gal’.  Business reluctance is the predominant cause a lack of success in business.  Only YOU can decide how serious you are about achieving business success; only YOU can make the commitment to achieve greater business success.  Among people who will act, 80% act the same day they read this webpage – they choose to be among the top 10% of all business people?  Are you a seriously committed to achieving business success – by overcoming business reluctance – or will you be like the frog in the hotwater pot?




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You are accomplished but want to achieve greater business success by leveraging your experience, new knowledge and thinking.  


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You want business responsibilities &  promotions – as VP, SVP, EVP, President, Partner, Managing Partner or CEO – leveraging your experience and gaining new knowledge and thinking.

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You want to achieve greater success in business by leveraging your engineering strengths, new business knowledge and business thinking.


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You have education and experience.  You want greater business success by filling your gaps, acquiring knowledge and new business thinking discreetly.  



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You grew up in a non-business family or background and having difficulty developing a ‘business mindset’.