Jay Allen

Founder & Chairman of CXO.org

Networking with who you want, not who comes to a networking event


Jay Allen is the founder of CXO.org, one of the largest networks of executives in the western U.S - over 5,000 executives and influential leaders across the US using a ‘different’ networking method with great success.  At one point, he was named, ‘The most networked man in the state of Colorado’.  His methods, developed and honed over 15 years, delivered a success rate greater than 90% for accessing and developing relationships with influential leaders.  Jay has built some of the largest groups of CXOs, HR executives, executive assistants (smart move) and currently manages seven groups of influential business people.  On this podcast, you will learn about the 'Theory of Random Collisions', the 'Law of Two Favors' and how you too can become a successful professional networker.  You can also read the related article at https://businessthinking.com/blog/professional-networking-jay-allen



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