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Business Thinking for Techies


Achieve greater success by becoming MORE business-minded – become a better business thinker, whether you are a techie, techie manager, executive, business owner or entrepreneur!


If you are a techie, you have a unique combination of skills developed with technical education and experience. Those are great attributes to be a successful techie. However, when you seek senior roles in a company or want to go into business for yourself, your techie mindset can both help and hinder you. You also need the business mindset.

A common reason people fail in business roles is the lack of business thinking. It is not being always money-minded but rather being value-minded— giving and receiving value. Business thinkers look at interactions as an exchange of value. Have you noticed that, beyond job descriptions and titles, some people are considered more valuable to the business than others, and, some people make more money than others for the same work? Have you wondered why? That distinction is what makes some people better employees, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners or and leaders. They generally find more interesting work, receive bigger compensation and promotions.


We will discuss the techie mindset, the business mindset, and business thinking. We will explore the findings from a survey of 320 business people, including 75 multi-millionaires, conducted by the Business Thinking Institute showing that business thinkers are more successful than the others.


Techie Mindset + Business Thinking = Greater Success

Business thinking can make employees and their companies better, business owners and their businesses better, and entrepreneurs and their ventures more successful. Anybody can learn and develop business thinking. It can make you more successful, professionally and personally.


“You must be business-minded to succeed in business or somebody who is business-minded will beat you.”



  • What is the techie mindset
  • What is a business mindset
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a techie mindset in a business setting
  • What is business thinking
  • How can business thinking help you as a techie, employee, manager, executive, business owner or entrepreneur
  • The ‘silent killers of business success’

​”A lack of business thinking is the root cause of poor business success (or failure).”



  1. You are a business owner who wants to get back on track and grow your company to a great valuation. 
  2. You are an employee, manager or executive in a business.  
  3. You are an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business (>70% fail).
  4. You are a techie or scientist wanting to monetize your idea and become more business-minded. 
  5. You are a techie solopreneur/freelancer wanting to become more business-minded. 





Ram Iyer is an MIT graduate with engineering and business degrees Business Thinking Coach Ram Iyer who discovered the ‘silent killers of business success’ and developed the framework of business success factors based on experience, research, personal interviews and discussions with over 150 CEOs, business leaders and advisors across the US, Europe and Asia.  He has identified the beliefs, values and behaviors required for ‘business thinking’ from experience and from interviewing over a hundreds of successful (and not-so-successful) business leaders. He coaches CEOs and executives to achieve greater success in addition to speaking and writing extensively on the same topic.

Ram is the President of the Business Thinking Institute in Princeton focused on helping individuals more successful in business.  He has worked and consulted at large companies including Boeing, Lucent, Pfizer, DuPont and Cargill. He is a former venture capitalist from Silicon Valley and 4-time entrepreneur who has failed and succeeded in business. He is the former President of the worldwide MIT South Asian Alumni Association and the MIT Club of Princeton. He has traveled to about 35 countries and 48 American states. 

I really enjoyed your motivational and data-driven discussion. It was refreshing and an honest reset for everyone.



“It was a very energizing perspective that helped me get my head back in the game.”

– Lawyer and MIT graduate




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