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Develop a Better Business Mindset to Achieve Greater Business Success 


Achieve greater success by becoming MORE business-minded – develop  the business mindset of successful business people!


  • Many people, including highly educated, wealthy and smart people, fail in business roles, whether as entrepreneurs, business owners or employees. Some may have succeeded in previous ventures or functional roles – engineering, R&D, sales, manufacturing, finance, marketing, etc. – but fail the next time around. Why?
  • Most people believe that to achieve business success, they must first have ‘something else’ – capital, technology, talented team, great business plan, etc.  Yet, even after getting the ‘something else’, they fail. Why?
  • When people fail to perform in business roles, companies often send them to take courses in strategic thinking, marketing, finance and such. Many fail even after taking those courses. Why? 
  • Many business owners fail to grow their businesses (they ‘hit a wall’), sometimes after being in business for a while, and then wonder why their business valuations are low.
  • Many family businesses fail into the third or fourth generations. Why? 
  • Entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas never seem to be able to monetize their ideas – make a business out of it. Why?


Many of these people may lack business mindedness, a combination of ‘business thinking’ and a ‘business mindset’. These are foundational for anybody seeking business success. The weakness of those foundational elements could account for a significant portion of the 70% failure rate of businesses in America. Those can be developed with your curiosity, engagement and practice at our workshop. You could walk out of this workshop with a better business mindset and achieve greater success in business and in life.


Business thinking is a way of constantly evaluating situations from two perspectives – how you can add value in the situation and get compensated for adding the value. A business mindset is a certain way of viewing situations that are based on one’s beliefs, experiences, rules and other factors. Developing the mindset of successful business people is a continual process that starts with understanding the beliefs and rules that must be replaced with more business-minded ones. 


The advice and counsel of most academics and experts keeps harking on the symptoms of business failure while failing to tackle some of the root causes that include business thinking and business mindsets. You can read about the issues with a symptom-focused approach in our article ‘Business Advice is Like Much of Modern Medicine’ in our blog – https://iluvbusiness.com/blog/business-advice-much-modern-medicine.


We have developed a three-day workshop –  a combination of talks, exercises and group discussions – that will provide the foundation to make you a better business thinker and develop a better business mindset.

“Business people are professionals just like engineers and medical doctors. Just as engineers need an engineering mindset to be successful in their profession, business people require a business mindset to be successful in business. “



  • What is business-mindedness and how it can propel your success in business
  • Values, beliefs & behaviors of successful business people 
  • Impact of beliefs on business success
  • Review of whole-brain concepts
  • Clarify conscious, subconscious and super conscious minds
  • Establishing direct connect with subconscious
  • Learn and experience two methods to changing limiting beliefs
  • Practice creating personalized beliefs to enhance your success in business
  • Integration of learning through abundant practice and discussions.


​”A lack of business thinking and a business mindset is a root cause of poor business success (or failure).”


  1. Achieve business success with greater confidence
  2. Achieve business success sooner
  3. Establish alignment between your subconscious mind and your business and life goals
  4. Revitalize your passion and commitment to business success
  5. Align business principles with Principles of Nature to create sustainable success



  1. You are a business owner who wants to achieve greater business success. 
  2. You are an executive or a leader in an ongoing business seeking a promotion to a senior executive position.  
  3. You are an entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business (>70% fail).
  4. You are an MBA or business person seeking greater business success
  5. You are a techie or scientist wanting to monetize your idea and become more business-minded. 
  6. You are a solopreneur/freelancer wanting to become more business-minded. 



Two full days at your location or ours. Detailed agenda will be provided to registered participants.


2-Day Workshop – $2795

Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Coffee included

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This workshop is a collaboration between two experienced people with complementary skills. 
Ram Iyer is an MIT graduate with engineering and business degrees who discovered the ‘silent killers of business success’ and developed the framework of business success factors based on experience, research, personal interviews and discussions with over 150 CEOs, business leaders and advisors across the US, Europe and Asia.  He has identified the beliefs, mental models, rules and experiences – a successful ‘business mindset’ – from personal experience and interviews with over a hundred successful (and not-so-successful) business leaders. He coaches CEOs and executives to achieve greater success in addition to speaking and writing extensively on these topics. He has spoken to audiences ranging from a handful to about 2,000 across North America, Europe and Asia.

Ram is the President of the Business Thinking Institute in Princeton focused on helping individuals more successful in business.  He has worked and consulted at large companies including Boeing, Lucent, Pfizer, DuPont and Cargill. He is a former venture capitalist from Silicon Valley and 5-time entrepreneur who has failed and succeeded in business. He has traveled to about 35 countries and 48 American states. 


Robin L. Graham is a very skilled catalyst who assists people to rapidly change their mindsets for sustainable success. She enables her clients to work more efficiently and effectively rather than simply harder. Robin is a certified instructor and practitioner in behavioral performance enhancement. She utilizes an advanced breakthrough technology for transforming resistance and opening the path to sustainable success. She has worked with thousands of people around the world change their mindsets, leading to better decisions, behaviors and richer lives. Robin worked at large companies for 11 years before spending the last 28 years as an entrepreneur. She has spoken to audiences and led workshops across the world comprised of corporate employees, business owners, entrepreneurs as well as individuals seeking to changes one’s mindset. 


“It was a very energizing perspective that helped me get my head back in the game.” 

– Lawyer and MIT graduate



We will schedule a call with the workshop leaders. You will also get regular emails with new content to encourage and accelerate your success. 



What is the investment for this retreat?

The price of conducting it at your location will depend on many factors such as number of participants, location, additional services required.

Where do I stay during the workshop?

If you are local, you know. If not, we will provide you with a list of nearby hotels so you can choose a place that suits your budget.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accomodate them?

Sure, please let us know and we will try our best to accomodate your needs.

I have more questions about the workshop.

Please send us a message from our CONTACT page or call us at +1 609 275 6300.



UPCOMING PUBLIC WORKSHOP: New York City, August  9, 10 & 11, 2018 

3-Day Workshop – $3495

Continental Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Coffee included

CLICK BELOW TO REGISTER (you will be taken to a new page)





WATCH BELOW THE VIDEO of a discussion between Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Leadership Thinker & Executive Coach in the world and Ram V. Iyer, Founder & President of the Business Thinking Institute on the value of a business mindset.

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