on 14 Mar 2017 11:25 AM
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There is an old saying that everybody rises to their highest level of competence.  What will you do if you have risen to a position higher than your competence?  While you may know how to do things done by people junior to you, you are still learning how to do things at your level and higher.    When you are the CEO of a company, you have reached the pinnacle with your title.  But, there are many such groups of people who have a ‘sticky problem’. 

Solopreneur CEOs: In America, you can start a business in minutes.  A majority of those people immediately order business cards with their name and a CEO title on it.  Out of 26 million businesses in America, 20 million have no employees – one-person companies.  If you are one of them, you may have the title but not many of the skills to be successful in business.  How do you acquire the necessary skills without succumbing to the ‘sticky problem’ - people would rather avoid seeking help than let anybody know that they need help.  If you put yourself in that ‘sticky situation’, you are dooming your own success – and keeping your highest level of competence (forever?) low.

Small Company CEOs: Of the 6 million companies in America that have employees, 5.6 million have annual revenues below $5 million.  You may have the title of President or CEO, does that does not give you the qualities of a seasoned business leader?  Have you already reached the highest level of your competence?  If you are the CEO of one of these 5.6 million companies, where do you go to develop or stay current on you ‘CEO skills’?  Most CEOs like you have the ‘sticky problem’.  Where do you go to develop the seasoning and the required skills to be an effective CEO while maintaining your ego? 

Fortune 1000 Junior Leaders: If you work in a Fortune 1000 company and considered high potential, you get access to the training and leadership development resources of the corporation.  What if you are not one of them but still want to improve yourself?  Or, what if you are working in a small or midsize company?  How do you find out the various success factors for business success acquire it without the big expense?

You may benefit from reviewing the business success factors at http://businessthinking.com/knowledge/business_success_factors, and taking the quiz “Are your Wired for Business Success?” at http://businessthinking.com/quiz/are-you-wired-for-business-success.

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