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Author: Ram V. Iyer

If your efforts keep 'blowing up' as spectacular failures, read on...

Particularly in the startup world, entrepreneurs and experts celebrate failure, often wearing the number of failed startups as a badge of honor – been there, and used to do that.  Do you think you are James Bond (or Indiana Jones or Tom Cruise) who will always (thrillingly) win?  Think about the following.

If you fail frequently – many more times than you succeed – it may be that you are not learning from your failures.  Refusing to learn from your failures is intentional ignorance and repeated failure is stupidity.  It could mean that you tend to live in the danger zone – thrill-seeking rather than seriously pursuing success.  Are you a thrill-seeker?  Think about it – really.

There are three zones that all of us live in – the comfort zone, the stretch zone and the danger zone.  Everybody knows the comfort zone – a place where you feel ‘safe’, know your stuff and hum along.  The stretch zone is where people try and do things they have never done before – a zone for learning and growth.  There are umpteen articles written about those two zones.  Then, there is the danger zone.  You can read more about the three zones in a previous article I wrote - http://businessthinking.com/blog/are-you-succeeder-stuck-your-comfort-zone. You can also take a quiz to find out if you are stuck in your comfort zone at http://businessthinking.com/quiz/are-you-stuck-your-comfort-zone.

Incremental successes increase the probability of spectacular success; repeated failures of catastrophies.  Tweet: If you did nothing, you will remain in your comfort zone. [Source: https://ctt.ec/ER4J2+ http://bit.ly/2pGRJDm #bizthinkingbiz #ramviyercom

Repeated catastrophies are common in the danger zone. Tweet: Fruits are rarely on the trunk of a tree; you have to go on a limb to find them.  http://bit.ly/2pGRJDm #bizthinkingbiz #comfort zone

There is precious little written about the DANGER ZONE – where mistakes can be catastrophic or fatal.  According to some literature, 10% of the people regularly ‘live’ there.  I suspect many of them are entrepreneurs (and tightrope walkers, James Bond and Indiana Jones). Can you imagine the consequences of being a thrill-seeking entrepreneur who loves living in the danger zone and embraces intentional ignorance?


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