Do you have a DISEMPOWERING mindset?

You can only use your strengths if your weaknesses don’t ‘kill’ your success. Your mindset drives the choices you make and therefore the actions you take. If your mindset is disempowering, those will lead to poor choices and wrong (or no) actions.

This is a detailed assessment designed with psychologists that will help you uncover classic disempowering mindset elements. Identifying them will enable you to mitigate, change or eliminate those elements. Otherwise, you will continue to have limited success, or even fail (repeatedly).

The results of the survey are split into three parts – you get a raw score (out of the maximum) indicating how many disempowering mindset elements you have, secondly the details on each of them ($) and finally, our guidance on how you can eliminate, change or mitigate those elements ($).

P.S. Consider this assessment as a conversation with yourself. Be TRUTHFUL with yourself! The results, interpretations and guidance you receive will be based on your responses. If you claim to be 7 feet tall, the guidance will be for a person who is 7 feet tall… useless to you!