Intuition vs Data: Should You Trust Your Gut?

Every decision we make - stay in or go out, shoot or pass, stick or twist - is an instantaneous cocktail of different motivations and information. We make our choices with our heart, our head and our guts - but should we trust our emotional intuition, or is a reliance on cold, hard facts the safest way to go? Nothing beats the the thrill of a big decision, so we’ve put together an infographic that looks into how data-driven decision-making measures up against the gut-given power of intuition.

Ten Things Chess Taught Me About Business and Corporate Strategy

If you really want to learn about doing business, chess is the game to play. The lessons it offers to the aspiring entrepreneur are more important and practical than any business game I know.

What Does Non-Judgmental Awareness Really Mean?

left alone the brain will automatically judge things as good or bad, right or wrong, fair or unfair, important or unimportant, urgent or non-urgent and so on. This happens so fast that our experiences are automatically colored right when we get to them, so mindfulness is about being aware of that and taking a fresh perspective.

Mindfulness leads to being more open-minded

Keeping an open mind, even for the most free-spirited among us, is harder than it sounds. Our minds have evolved to identify, discern, and judge in order to make sense of the world around us. When thinking about a specific task or your career as a whole, you’ll need to make decisions, and some outcomes are certainly more preferable than others. By bringing a little mindfulness to the process, you can cultivate a flexibility and openness that will benefit you in all areas of life.

The Best Jobs Require Social Skills

Jobs that require social skills are growing faster and paying more than ones that do not require social skills. Business is not a 'one-person' endeavor. Occupations that require strong social skills have grown much more than others since 1980, according to new research. And the only occupations that have shown consistent wage growth since 2000 require both cognitive and social skills. The findings help explain a mystery that has been puzzling economists: the slowdown in the growth even of high-skill jobs.

20 Business Lessons You Don't Want To Learn The Hard Way

Every business owner will have his or her own trials, but here are 20 lessons you don't want to learn the hard way…….

How to Build Your Legacy

IMAGINE YOUR FUNERAL. Not the brightest topic, to be sure, but one worth serious thought—no matter what your age. Your family and friends have gathered to honor your life. But what do you leave behind? Beyond the contents of your last will and testament, what part of you remains on earth even after you've passed away?