Habits vs. Goals: A Look at the Benefits of a Systematic Approach to Life

Nothing will change your future trajectory like habits. We all have goals, big or small, things we want to achieve within a certain time frame. Some people want to make a million dollars by the time they turn 30. Some people want to lose 20 pounds before summer. Some people want to write a book in the next six months. When we begin to chase an intangible or vague concept (success, wealth, health, happiness), making a tangible goal is often the first step.

The Rate of New Business Formation Has Fallen By Almost Half Since 1978

Historically in the U.S., about one new business has been formed every minute, while another shutters its doors every 80 seconds. This life cycle of birth and death – referred to as business dynamism – is a key driver of innovation and to overall economic growth. The U.S. economy is less dynamic across all major industries as well as across geographic regions.


How many people are in the gig economy? We’re very interested in this question at Nation1099, and, as it happens, it isn’t an easy question to find answers to, especially since the gig economy is growing and changing very fast and people mean many different things by the term.

Build Your Playbook for Life

A step-by-step program for creating your personal success guide

When You’re Hot, You’re Hot: Career Successes Come in Clusters

Looking at the career histories of thousands of scientists, artists, and film directors, the team found evidence that hot streaks are both real and ubiquitous, with virtually everyone experiencing one at some point in their career. While the timing of an individual’s greatest successes is indeed random, their top hits are highly likely to appear in close proximity. About 90 percent of individuals had at least one hot streak and an individual’s top-two works were roughly 50 percent more likely to occur back-to-back.

Robots are shifting income from workers to owners

In the 19th century, it took six decades for the wages of textile workers to recover from the advent of weaving machines. We are in the midst of another such gap now, according to David Autor, a pioneering labor economist at MIT. What's happening now: Machines are creating more wealth, but workers are not getting their usual cut of the pie, Autor told Axios. "Automation is redistributing income from workers to owners."

Grove of Titans

What are the attributes of an enduring

The Why and How of Overcoming Your Fear of Success

Fear of success. It feels like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Doesn’t everyone want to be successful in some way? It sounds the same as if someone were to say they were afraid of puppies or ice cream or had a phobia of having too much happiness. When we hear that statement, we instantly associate it with someone who has a ton of potential, but for some reason, just refuse to tap into it.