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The Art of Winning in Business for Women


– Timeless Strategies from the ‘Art of War’ by Sun Tzu FOR WOMEN

As a woman,  you have inherent strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. You can become more successful in business using timeless strategies gleaned by Becky Sheetz from the General Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’. You can apply strategies and tactics gleaned from from the battlefield in  your business – to outmaneuver, partner or beat – to win.

This dynamic and eye-opening workshop highlights pitfalls and success attributes that are most common among women, leveraging the inspiring and empowering insights from the classic, The Art of War, written by the Chinese general Sun Tzu over 2,000 years ago. 

Sheetz helps women gain confidence and harness their authentic self for career growth. Tenacity, timing and decisiveness are recurring themes for Sun Tzu. Sheetz examines techniques to help women get what they want – self-belief, skill, a high level of authenticity and drive to overcoming obstacles within each individual. Many women unwittingly construct personal barriers to achieving the success they desire. We have developed a one-day workshop –  a combination of talks, exercises and group discussions to help women win in business. This workshop brings these common and enduring plagues to light, and includes a special emphasis on negotiation. You will learn strategies and tactics from the insights of the master strategist Sun Tzu in the ‘Art of War’ to get what you want. At the end of the workshop, you will come away with new insights into your competitive advantages, and how to hone and use them to catapult your professional life.



  • Who was Sun Tzu, his insights and wisdom from the battlefields of China and how you could leverage them?
  • What are the inherent strengths women like you could leverage in business and in life?
  • What are some typical behaviors of women that could impede your greater success?
  • Personal insights into yourself from taking an in-depth assessment. You can discuss it in small groups. Past attendees have found these guided small group discussions to be very helpful in putting their career challenges and opportunities into meaningful context.
  • Which of Sun Tzu’s strategies could you use as a woman in business? 
  • What are the four ‘gaps’ in business people that often lead to limited success or failure.

​”Becky truly equips women with the knowledge and tools to help them succeed.”

– Lisa Althoff, Executive Director, Missouri Women’s Council


  1. You are a woman business owner who wants to become more successful. 
  2. You work in a company and want to become more successful in your career. 
  3. You are an woman entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business (>70% fail).
  4. You are an MBA or business person seeking greater business success
  5. You are a woman solopreneur/freelancer wanting to become more successful. 

“If your thinking is NOT business-minded, all the money, technology and outside talent cannot result in business success. “

– Ram V. Iyer, Business Thinking Institute 


One full day at your location or ours.

1-Day Workshop – $1295

(Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Coffee included)

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Becky Sheetz is a a business trainer, speaker, martial arts master and author. An expert on Sun Tzu’s strategy, she speaks to groups of men and women. Her clients have included Delta Airlines, Oscar Mayer and many others. 
Becky is the author of Sun Tzu for Women: The Art of War for Winning in Business, and The Art of War for Small Business: Defeat the Competition and Dominate the Market with the Masterful Strategies of Sun Tzu, which has been translated into Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Arabic. She’s  the author of the Barcharts’ widely circulated Business 101: The Art of War. Her most recent work was The Tiger & The Dragon: A Business Parable with Mark McNeilly. 
Becky has 20 years of experience in communications and marketing strategy. She’s a former Washington Business Journal columnist whose frequently published in and interviewed by national print, web, radio and TV media. She was named to the 2011 Washington Business Journal 40 Under 40.
Ram Iyer is the President of the Business Thinking Institute in Princeton focused on helping individuals more successful in business.  He is a former venture capitalist from Silicon Valley and 5-time entrepreneur who has failed and succeeded in business. He has worked and consulted at large companies including Boeing, Lucent, Pfizer, DuPont and Cargill. He has also interviewed over a hundred successful (and not-so-successful) business leaders. Through introspection, inversion thinking, surveys and interviewing hundreds of experts, he has identified four ‘gaps’ in business people that often lead to limited success or failure. These ‘gaps’ are rarely identified or addressed by the experts. Addressing these gaps can help entrepreneurs, business owners, solopreneurs or employees in an ongoing business – including women.  He regularly given keynote speeches on the the four ‘gaps’ (see speaker website at www.ramviyer.com). ​


“It was a very energizing perspective that helped me get my head back in the game.”

– Lawyer and MIT graduate



We will schedule a call with Becky a week after the workshop so you can seek additional questions about the ‘Art of Winning in Business with Feminine Power. You will also get regular emails with new content to encourage and accelerate your success. 



What is the investment for this retreat?

The price for public workshops are listed above (if there is an upcoming public workshop). For a workshop at your location, the price depends on many factors such as number of participants, location and additional services required. Please send us a message from our CONTACT page or call us at +1 609 275 6300.

Where do I stay during the workshop?

If you are not local, we will provide you with a list of nearby hotels so you can choose a place that suits your budget.

I have special dietary needs. Can you accomodate them?

Sure, please let us know and we will try our best to accomodate your needs.

I have more questions about the workshop.

Please send us a message from our CONTACT page or call us at +1 609 275 6300.


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