The Business Thinking Radio podcast interviews experts on different factors for business success, business thinking and the 'silent killers of success'. If you are an entrepreneur or business owner seeking greater business success or an employee of a business seeking executive-level promotions, you will find this content useful.

The host of the Business Thinking Radio podcast is Ram V. Iyer, an MIT graduate, 4-time entrepreneur, F50 executive and venture capitalist who has interviewed hundreds of successful business people across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

MIND OVER BUSINESS. COMPELLING and PRACTICAL insights you can use to achieve greater business success.

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"I loved being interviewed by Ram! He asked incredibly insightful questions. As an added benefit – I learned so much from him during our discussion. Along with being a great interviewer, he is an amazing thinker!"  - Dr. Marshall GoldsmithWorld’s #1 Leadership Thinker & Executive Coach

Ron Carucci


There are many smart and pedigreed people who fail, or at least do not achieve as much success as they would like. Among entrepreneurs, it leads to business failure. Among the millions who work for companies small and large, many aspire to climb to senior positions but few attain them. The percentage who do is in the single digits. About 50% of the people who get promoted, fail, hit a wall or end up leaving (or having to leave) the company.   Listen to this podcast to learn how you can...

Dr. Modesto Maidique

Co-founder of Analog Devices & President Emeritus Florida International University

Today’s show – 50 Years of Leadership and Business Wisdom from Dr. Modesto Maidique who is the co-founder of Analog Devices and the President Emeritus of Florida International University in Miami which has an enrolment of over 50,000 students. Dr. Maidique is internationally recognized as a leader in higher education and management of high technology enterprises. Dr. Maidique is a Cuban immigrant who literally moved to the United States after high school, got into one of...

Dr Ellen J. Langer

Professor of Psychology, Harvard University & 'Mother of Mindfulness'

Listen to a delightful and wide-ranging conversation with Dr. Ellen Langer, the famed Harvard psychologist who has been called ‘The Mother of Mindfulness’. You are more capable than you believe you are and, perhaps, more capable than you ever imagined. And, you can become more successful in life starting with who and where you are right now. It is your current mindset that is enabling (or limiting) your success. You will learn every single minute from this podcast. And, if you act on what you...

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Executive Coach & Business Thinker

When it comes to succeeding in business and in life, there are a few people like Marshall Goldsmith, the pre-eminent executive coach. He's the pioneer behind the use of 360 Feedback. He has 38 books including the latest one with Sally Helgesen How Women Rise. In Marshall, we have a person who has extensive knowledge and experience from coaching several thousand people. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation – Ram Iyer:         So, what you're saying is...

Sally Helgesen

Speaker, Author & Consultant

How Women Can Rise Higher Are you a woman seeking greater business success? Listen to this podcast and learn how you can leverage your inherent strengths as a woman and avoid self-sabotage.    Listen to a conversation with Sally Helgesen, author of the book, ‘How Women Rise’. Business was largely conducted by one half of the human population, men, for thousands of years. That is changing – RAPIDLY. Over the last few decades, women have become increasingly active in business and...

Paul Rulkens

Speaker, Author & Consultant

Are you a techie seeking business success? Listen to this podcast and learn how you can leverage your inherent strengths as a techie to be among the 30% of people who succeed in business. Listen to a conversation with Paul Rulkens, engineer and author of the upcoming book, ‘How Successful Engineers become Great Business Leaders,’ from the Netherlands.  A third of the country is below sea level and has fended off the mighty oceans for centuries while building a prosperous country. The...

Prof. Hans Hvide

Professor of Finance & Economics, U of Bergen, Norway

As a parent, wouldn’t you like to better understand how you can make your children more intelligent (IQ) and raise them to become better than you and have a higher standard of living? How can you raise your own standard of living? You will get several insights and answers from this illuminating conversation I had with Prof. Hans Hvide, Professor of Finance and Economics at the University of Bergen in Norway who had access to generations of IQ and professional data on tens of thousands of...

Guru Madhavan

Researcher, National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC

A conversation with Guru Madhavan, author of “Applied Minds – How Engineers Think” and a researcher at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC. Guru is a biomedical engineer and senior policy adviser at the NAS. Guru has been named one of the 'New Faces of Engineering' by USA Today and as a distinguished young scientist by the World Economic Forum. He is a mentee of the late president of MIT, Chuck Vest. Engineers have the ability to visualize non-existent things doing what have...

Prof. Sanjay Sarma

VP of Open Learning, MIT

This podcast is about the future of learning - a conversation with Prof. Sanjay Sharma, Professor and Vice President for Open Learning at MIT. A quote which nicely sums up the discussion comes from Plutarch and goes, “The mind is a fire to be kindled, not a vessel to be filled.”  You will hear discussions about: Future learning models and the role of colleges and universities Online on-demand learning Most effective methods of learning at any age, based on scientific research...

Sid Walker

Business Intuition Expert & Coach

A conversation with Sid Walker, Author of ‘Trust Your Gut’ and 6 other books.  Sid has personally coached over 3000 people to access and leverage their intuition so they can be more successful in business and in life. He has created many millionaires who are happy, have happy lifelong customers and a quiet sense of knowing what is right for them. Forbes calls INTUITION the highest form of intelligence.  Some of the greatest business minds had well-developed intuitions. Albert...