If you are serious about achieving greater business success, I can help you.  I’m an MIT graduate with a graduate business degree running the Business Thinking Institute in Princeton.  I will teach you the strategies and tactics I have learnt – the knowledge, skills, tools, psychology and physiology and the looks for business success.  I have built robots for Boeing, headed up strategy and marketing for a $4B business of Lucent, consulted at client sites across 16 countries and interviewed over a hundred CEOs and business leaders.

  • Key factors for business success
  • Elements for each success factor
  • Quizzes to assess your strengths and gaps
  • Deep dives into each success factor
  • Tools, content and experts to help you master each factor
  • Experts who will share strategies and techniques

Whether you are a business owner, executive at a company, entrepreneur or employee in a business, I can systematically coach you on each of the success factors.  Most people know (or have heard) about many of the elements of business success but few people know how to tie it all together.

This website is for people who are serious about achieving greater business success – professionals and those seeking to be business professionals.  If your first instinct is to judge, not learn, this is probably the wrong site for you.

If you are in the early stages of your business career, we will give you the sequence of success factors to get you going.  If you are a seasoned business professional who needs to plug a few gaps, we can help you get back on the fast track to greater business success.



The Secret to Business Success…

Well, let me be blunt.  There is no magic pill for business success. However, you MUST COMMIT to becoming a PROFESSIONAL business person – not as a hobby, not part-time just give it one-shot which is for amateurs.  If you want to seriously master the art and science of business, we can help you here.  We have identified 20 business success factors and have a systematic way in which you can develop your knowledge and skills in each of those 20 blocks.  If you commit to achieving business success and continuously ‘close the gaps’, you will become increasingly successful.  You can keep score with whatever metric makes sense to you (money!). 

"I am passionate about being a professional businessman and my calling it to share it with people who are serious about business."

There are several successful business people who are good, some that were at the right place at the right time and most others who are toiling away.  Others are kicking the tires and considering it as a profession.  I have started three companies, worked for Boeing and Lucent, served consulting clients across 16 countries and been a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.  I am not a one-trick pony nor a faddist.  I am a prolific reader, networker and thinker – I am a student of business who applies what I learn (building my business) and will teach you what I have learnt.  I will bring experts who will share their expertise with you online and in-person.


Fads & Gurus

There are many fads depending on who is heavily promoting their latest book.  And, there are many ‘gurus’ – usually self-anointed.  Following fads and gurus is like drinking Red Bull or 5 Hour Energy – after the caffeine wears off, you’re back to your old self.  What we have is a systematic way for you to build your knowledge and skills a la carte (pick a success factor you want) or from the bottom-up.

If you are serious about business or a successful business person, you don’t need vague advice like “Pick the right niche” or “Marketing is important for a business” or “Use social media or die”. Most people do NOT know how to piece it all together.


Where Do You Start?

Everybody wants money and success but where do you start?  Knowing where to start and what to work on is a challenge for most people.  We have quizzes for each of the success factors.  If you the quiz/quizzes, you can assess your gaps and know what you need to work on.


What resources do you get?

  1. A list of 20 business success factors and details on each of them.
  2. Additional detailed quizzes that allow you to ‘deep dive’.
  3. A Knowledge Center with blogposts, articles, podcasts, books, thoughts, audio, movies, etc.
  4. A community of fellow business thinkers whom you can access for guidance and support
  5. A private community for members where you have access to specific groups of people – fellow members and external experts – who can provide specific expertise.
  6. A marketplace where you will find products and service providers who can help you with specific aspects of the 20 business success factors.
  7. Resources that could inspire and support you on the journey to greater business success.
  8. A large media wiki where you can access content for business success contributed by the entire community.
  9. A weekly newsletter with practical news you can use and achieve more.

Every day, we learn new insights into achieving greater business success and those will become blog posts, podcasts and events soon after.

The most expensive mistake you can make is not seeking help you know you need.  And, the biggest mistake most people make (and I made this for years) is to attempt ‘do it yourself’ or postpone it.  The opportunity cost to you for each year is substantial. You can access the entire website and the membership for the daily price of a cup of coffee. 

You probably went to a 4-year college spending $100,000 to $200,000 to get the degree and maybe a business school spending another $100,000 to $150,000.  If you got both, you spent $200,000 to $350,000.   Did those ‘guarantee’ business success? 

The biggest lesson I learnt after a few years out of MIT was that I had not ‘arrived’ – no degree, pedigree or contact will make you ‘successful’; success requires a commitment to lifelong learning, continuous improvement and continuous effort (with vacations!).

Only YOU can decide how serious you are about achieving business success; only YOU can make the commitment to achieve greater business success.