Our emotions change based on how hungry we are, what we eat and whether we got enough sleep last night.  That’s physiology at work.  In the same vein, have you wondered what you are doing when you drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink?  Well, you are chemically changing your physiology so you are more alert.  Do you understand the link between your physiology and your mind?  Do you know how to modify your physiology to influence your mind and achieve certain outcomes?

There may be certain norms and expectations for certain professions and roles that one has to develop.  It may be stamina required for a frequent business travelers or ability to work long hours for those in other professions.  Or, it could be that you need to have a certain image for success. Do you know how you need to look, become and play the part for success in your business?

Are you building your personal brand and positioning it in a manner that enhances your ability to succeed in your business - for the industry, geography and business you are in?  

How do you communicate? Do you have the require vocabulary and communication skills to be effective in your business role?

How to Act Like a Businessperson

When it comes to business, half the battle is looking and acting the part. It is often said that one should "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," and this quote reveals the importance of appearance for getting ahead in business. In business, where so much comes down to securing clients, networking, forging relationships, and leadership, looking and acting the part can be just as important as business acumen. Not everyone has the same keen business sense as Warren Buffett, but we can all look like we do!


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on 10 Jun 2017 11:31 PM

In the old days, having a good network, the ability to get the attention of senior executives and buyers and close were attributes that helped you succeed.  But now, you are competing with call centers spread across the globe, email harvesting and mass emailing, social media farms spread across the world and business developers willing to work for a song from the othe

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on 10 Jun 2017 9:27 PM

Out of 26 million businesses in America, 20 million have no employees.  Many of them are ‘consultants’.  Add the millions more sitting in different parts of the world (India, S.America, different parts of Asia, etc.) with very good education and experience (and very cheap rates).

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on 10 Jun 2017 8:43 PM

More than 75% of all startups fail.  Entrepreneurial success is not guaranteed by just activity, great ideas, lots of money, a great team, etc.  VCs invest in the entrepreneur/CEO; talent joins a startup based largely on the entrepreneur/CEO leading it; angels invest in the entrepreneur/CEO; partners look at the credibility of the entrepreneu

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on 10 Jun 2017 3:44 PM

It is a noisy world out there – just think of how difficult it is to find nuggets in the news cycle or among the millions of photos, websites and blogs.  Much of it is simply entertainment that neither educates nor enhances the quality of people’s lives.  It takes much deliberate effort for you to define yourself and rise above the noise.  If you don’t, the

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The Manager's Cheat Sheet: 101 Common-Sense Rules for Leaders

This is for managers, from the editors of Inside CRM .  Boost your management skills by getting back to the basics — here are some common sense tips for leading an effective team.   Management is all about connecting with the people on your team. So how do you effectively manage a team? With common knowledge, of course.

How Developing Public Speaking Skills Launched Warren Buffett's $76 Billion Empire

For much of his life, Buffett struggled with a crippling fear of public speaking.  "I would throw up," he told biographer Alice Schroeder in The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life.

A Woman's Perspective on Power Posing and Testosterone

For eight months in 1998 and 1999, I woke every morning in search of chimpanzee pee. That pee held the key to the chimps’ testosterone levels, and I helped to catch it. To do this, I would hike through the rainforest to the trees in which the chimpanzees had built their sleeping nests the previous evening.

Some Postures May Affect Hormones, According to Harvard Business School Study

Certain postures—like putting your hands behind your head and your feet up on a desk—could make you feel more powerful by affecting your hormones levels, according to a study by Harvard Business School Professor Amy J.C. Cuddy and her two research partners at Columbia Business School.