Marketing to feed the funnel, sales to close sales and customer relationship management to keep the customers you have. Marketing attracts prospects and works with sales to qualify them as leads and converted to customers. Customer relationship management retains customers and keeps them happy. Businesses without customers are not businesses and those that cannot hold onto their existing customers run themselves into the ground looking for new ones.

You Won’t Finish This Article

Why people don't read to the end of any article you write - it's not personal…

How to Find Your Best Customers Using the 80/20 Rule

But all customers are not equal. Far from it. Some earn you an amazingly disproportionate amount of money, many make you a little bit of money, and some even waste your time. With the last group, you lose money selling anything to them at all. Your goal should be to zero in on those 20 percent of customers who are essential for your business' prosperity. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

The Differences Between Brand And Reputation

Brand and reputation are tightly linked but not synonyms. I raise this because I seem to be having more and more conversations where brand projects are being renamed as reputation projects to make them more “palatable” internally. That in itself says a lot about what senior management think brand is and why they believe it’s not what they need.

Don't Confuse Reputation With Brand

Many executives often speak about corporate reputation and brand as if they are one and the same. They are not, and confusing the two can be costly. Focusing on reputation at the expense of brand can lead to product offerings that languish in the market. On the other hand, concentrating on brand and neglecting reputation can be equally dangerous, resulting in a lower stock price, difficulties in attracting top talent and even product boycotts.

Everybody writes so their writings can be read.  But, with millions of blog posts on the web, most posts get ‘lost’.  How can you make your blogpost go viral and drive a chockful of traffic to your site.  I pondered this question.  Here’s what I have learnt.  As I learn more, I will keep updating this post, so keep checking back. 

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