Is your true professional desire and passion - your 'true north' - to succeed in business? Or, would you rather be doing something else - be an engineer, doctor, artist, writer, trader, craftsman, etc.? Desire is a person’s need to possess or achieve something. Think of it as the engine at the front of a train pulling it. If you desire something, you will pursue it with vigor. Obviously, if your desire in business is low, you may quickly lose interest; if it is high, your interest may be sustained for a long time. If you are passionate about business, your interest could last a lifetime.

Are you complacent?

There is a reason why many people succeed ONCE and that's it - never again. Why is it so hard to succeed again and again and again? Achieving success is hard but succeeding repeatedly is harder because of a human trait called complacency.  It often leads to mediocrity, decline or failure. 

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How to Find Your Calling: 7 Beliefs to Change Right Now

Finding your calling isn’t like taking a pill or the right assessment test to pin the tail on the donkey. There’s no recipe. This work, which can take place in your ordinary life, feels like meeting a shaman in the desert and employing the joy of your heart to blow your mind. It’s changing everything you think you know about reality, one belief at a time. Of course, in a fast-paced, gotta-have-it-now society, many of us demand templates and action plans. But unleashing your life’s work is not about doing. It’s about undoing all the beliefs that stand in your way.